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McCleary Psychological Services
      Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations 
Policies and Procedures

The comprehensive psychological evaluation involves 3 steps. First we need to conduct a structured interview with the patient and parents. Second, we conduct the testing. And, third, we have a feedback session to discuss the findings.

The clinical interview is an opportunity to gather important information in order to understand your situation and concerns and to determine the best approach or course of action, like which instruments are tests to best use. Psychological testing refers to the battery of several research-backed tests and procedures administered to assess intelligence, cognitive functioning, and personality and emotional functioning. The specific test battery varies depending upon the referral question(s).
After the clinical interview, I will be submitting a request for pre-authorization for psychological testing to your insurance provider. This process may take from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on your insurance provider. Once I have received pre-authorization by your insurance to proceed with the testing, I will call you to schedule the actual testing. Please note that court-related, educational, or immigration evaluations ARE NOT covered by insurance. These services will need to be paid as an out-of-pocket expense.

The testing takes place in my office. One or two testing sessions may be scheduled, depending on a variety of factors including age and number of tests/measures being given.

After all the testing is completed, we will require a few weeks to compile the data, interpret it, and write up a personalized assessment report. Once that is done, I will contact you to schedule a feedback session, during which time we will discuss the findings and recommendations.

In general, psychological testing can be a useful tool to better understanding the underlying causes of a specific concern and the best methods to reduce or eliminate this issue. It is important to note that many symptoms, such as inattention, can be the result of multiple different causes.

How To Prepare For Your Child’s Psychological Evaluation
Psychological testing refers to the battery of several research-backed tests and procedures administered to assess intelligence, cognitive functioning, and personality and emotional functioning.

To prepare your child’s for the testing appointment, please follow these recommendations:

1) Try to ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a good meal before beginning testing. I want your child to be mentally and physically rested. As such, please do not have him/her do any cognitively or physically demanding chore before the session.

2) Brings snacks and something to drink. During breaks, your child can have a snack and this can be very helpful in maintaining your child’s focus and energy. Also, make sure to bring a jacket or a sweater in case your child gets cold and any visual or hearing aids, if needed.

3) Try to allow plenty of time for finding our office and parking to avoid your child arriving feeling rushed.

4) Help your child minimize anxiety about the session and encourage cooperation. Before the day of testing, it is helpful to remind the child what the day will be like. Try to avoid calling it “testing,” as this word makes many children anxious. Make sure your child knows they will be meeting alone with the psychologist. Explain that children learn in different ways and that the evaluation will help parents and teachers understand how he/she learns best.

5) There is no way to "prepare" your child for the testing content as the tests we use are protected and confidential so that they can be novel for all children. Please know that we are sensitive to working with children with various temperaments and needs, including those who are slower to warm up, more anxious, and more easily frustrated and we adjust our pace and approach in accordance to your child’s individual needs as much as standardization of test administration allows. We focus on developing rapport so that your child can feel as comfortable as possible.